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What a wonderful discovery. Absolutely fabulous Jersey milk and cream. Brilliant service. I genuinely could not recommend John's Jerseys more highly.

Peter Drissell

Fantastic milk straight from the cow. Could not ask for better.

Isla Dow

Great tasting milk! Lovely customer service. Thank you :-)

Elizabeth Corcoran

Fabulous products from a dairy farm of distinction. I live in Scotland and am proud to say that I can get regular supplies of John's raw milk despite the Scottish governments ban on the sale of unpasturises milk to consumers. Wonderful customer service too.

Bruce Barker

Great tasting but also my health seems to have improved since I've started drinking John's creamy milk.

Mary Cook

Fresh, creamy, natural and healthy milk and cream. Service always prompt, friendly and courteous.

Julie Tolman

Awesome farm
brilliant raw milk
great customer service
Perfect gentleman

Mygirl-Honeybee Princess Poppy-Tai

This is by far the best milk I have tasted and I wouldn't be without it now. The customer service is second to none. I am very happy. Thanks John and team.

Karen Fincham

Excellent tasting raw milk, personalised and prompt service. Keep up the great work!!

N Saraf

Top product!!! Great tasting milk and super service!

Llywelyn Williams