Looking for Unpasteurised Jersey Milk, Cream and Cheese and Luxurious Jersey Ice Cream?

Christmas 2020 deliveries:  

For delivery in the Christmas week, orders for milk & cream should be placed by end of day Monday 21st December. The last day we are happy to despatch orders is Tuesday for delivery Wednesday 23rd December.
The same applies the following week. Orders should be placed by end of day Monday 28th. There will be no delivery on Tuesday 29th. All orders will be despatched on Tuesday 29th for delivery Wednesday 30th December.
Collection from the farm is unaffected, just order as usual the day before you want to collect.

Beaconhill Farm, in the heart of Herefordshire, produces the highest quality dairy products from a select herd of happy Jersey cows farmed to high standards in a low stress environment.

Our unpasteurised milk, also known as ‘raw milk’, ‘clean milk, ‘real milk’, or ‘green top milk’, is available direct from the farm and bottled fresh every morning. We now have a nationwide mail order service including Scotland.

We call our unpasteurised cream “Extra Double” cream, reflecting the extra thick cream produced by our Jersey cows.  And we also make our very own unpasteurised cheese!

John’s Luxurious Jersey Ice Cream is made on the farm to John’s own exclusive recipe, in a multitude of flavours such as Christmas Pudding, Cappucino, Malvern Gold and Vanilla.

How do you spell it? – we’ve seen it all ways – unpasteurised, unpasteurized, unpasterised, unpasterized, unpastuerised, unpastuerized – well you get the idea! However you spell it, its still great tasting natural fresh milk.

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John's Jerseys for unpasteurised milk and cream and luxurious jersey ice cream

John & Kate Barron



  1. Hi i’ve been ordering from hook and sons for a while and they don’t seem to have the unpasterized cream or butter in stock very often. This is the stuff i like more than the milk. I was wondering whether you have unpasterized cream in stock? also do you have to order milk to be able to order the cream?….I live in liverpool what day do you deliver in that area? thanks again for your time and sorry about asking so many questions from Daniel

  2. I am returning to Carmarthenshire at the end of June for a six week holiday with my three children and would like to purchase organic grass fed unpasteurised milk, butter and cream. Can you please confirm if you make deliveries to this area and wether you be back in production.

    The postcode of the area I. Am staying in is sa14 7lf

    Kind regards
    Lian Bennett

  3. Did not know anyone sold raw milk in Hertfordshire! Where abouts is the farm as I also live in Herfordshire and possibly could pick up.

  4. When do you have raw cream please, I never seem to be able to get any.Thanks

  5. When do you have raw cream please, I never seem to be able to get any.Thanks

    • Hi, we separate cream every Sunday evening and it often sells out. It is always available to order from Friday until it sells out (this can be as early as the following Monday or Tuesday). If you order on Friday or over the weekend you are sure to get some.
      John’s Jerseys

  6. Hi, I m desperately looking for raw cream , I
    live in London and no one seems to have it. Do you have a market
    here where I can purchase it or can I order online from you?
    Thanks and best regards
    Tiziana Tolson

    • Tiziana, the cream can be ordered online. It often sells out very early in the week but always available to order Friday through Sunday for delivery the following Tuesday onwards.
      John’s Jerseys

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