Mail Order

Unpasteurised milk and cream by mail order

June 2020 We have now regained our ‘Officially TB Free’ status and are able to sell unpasteurised dairy products again.  The online shop is now operational again.

Visit our online shop for prices.  These include packaging, delivery and ice packs to ensure the milk is cold when it is delivered to you.  We can only add cream or cheese to a milk order, select a milk box to see how much space is left in the box for cream or cheese.

You can save money by ordering a larger box and freezing the milk until you need it.


To order, use our Online ordering system.  If you can’t find what you want, you can also call us on 01531 640 275 or 07986 329 081


We dispatch to you Monday to Thursday, for next day delivery.  We bottle the milk fresh the day after you place your order and it will be sent by overnight courier eg:

  • Order on Monday, receive your milk on Wednesday
  • Order on Tuesday, receive your milk on Thursday
  • Order on Wednesday, receive your milk on Friday
  • Order after 9am on Thursday, receive your milk on Tuesday (if you order before 9am on Thursday we will make every effort to get your milk out for Friday delivery so you do not have to wait until Tuesday for it).

The milk tanker collects the remainder of the milk each night so you can be assured that you are getting the freshest milk possible. It will be packaged in an insulated box with freeze parcels to ensure it stays cold until it reaches you.  Please use the delivery details box to provide some short instructions about where to leave the box if you are not home when the courier arrives.   Please enter the instructions even if you have ordered before.  We are not always able to remember what “as usual” or “same as before” means when we are booking in your box, and don’t ask the courier to ring a mobile number when they arrive, or one hour before or two hours before.  They won’t do it.

The boxes containing your milk can be recycled at your local recycling depot.  If you end up with a lot of the insulated liners, we may be able to collect them, call us for more information about this.

We can deliver to most of the UK although there are extra charges for the Highlands and Islands.

Regular Orders: You can choose to set up a regular order (eg weekly, monthly etc).  Once your regular order is set up, if you need to make changes to it eg if you want more or less milk, or want to suspend deliveries whilst you are on holiday, just call, email or text us and we can update it for you.   We are currently looking at including new functionality to enable you to do this yourselves online but for now, you should contact us with any changes you want to make.  If you expect to have to change it frequently, you may find it more convenient just to order as and when you require a delivery.