Woodbank Dunlop Cheese 200g


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27th June 2019 – we have sold out of Dunlop.  There is more on the way however this is a longer maturing cheese and the next batch won’t be ready until September

Now available from the Woodbank herd of pedigree Jerseys, this is a longer maturing unpasteurised cheese based on a traditional Dunlop recipe reminiscent of John’s Ayrshire origins.  A good option if you are looking for a more unusual type of cheddar style cheese.

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Available in pieces of approximately 200g, this unpasteurised cheese made from the delicious milk produced by the Woodbank herd of pedigree jersey cows can only be added to an order of milk and/or cream.  You cannot order this product on its own, you can only add it to a milk box or a cream box which already include the cost of the box, ice packs and delivery.



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