John’s Jersey milk given the ALL CLEAR by FSA

We are aware that there have recently been several cases of E. Coli O157 food poisoning reported in the national press that have been directly linked to the consumption of unpasteurised milk.

We are pleased to be able to assure our customers that, following a thorough investigation by the FSA, our milk (Johns Jerseys) has been cleared of any involvement in these incidents. We wholly endorse the FSA’s robust and fair approach to this matter and hope that it will give consumers confidence that good milk is still available direct from approved milk sellers only and that the FSA are doing their best to protect public health whilst also permitting freedom of choice.

We would urge any customers with any concerns regarding the consumption of unpasteurised milk to get in touch with us direct.



  1. Hi guys,

    I’ve just had my first glass of ‘raw’ milk ever! From your farm too! Wow! So creamy & full of flavour.

    I was nervous up to the point of drinking it as my dogma-infected mind was telling me this is dodgy!

    I have read a lot about ‘raw’….real milk in the last hour alone & have learned a lot already.

    One question I have for you. Is the grass your cows eat organic or not? If it already states this somewhere on your website then my apologies.

    Thank you for such heavenly milk. I shall be feeding my children with this from now on. The benefits are too great to ignore.



  2. Hello All at the farm,

    I just had my first drink of proper milk since I left my Grandads farm many years ago.
    Its wonderful ! Thanks to your lovely girls and you who care for them so well.

    I have 4 dogs who I feed a raw diet to and they have also had their first taste of your milk with their midday meal.

    Some people are sceptical about the unpasteurised milk, but I’m sure if they were to partake of your milk they would be converted.

    I’m glad I found your website, we will be coming back many times and enjoying your fantastic products. Thank you all.

    Best regards, Margaret

  3. Hi there,
    I’m waiting for my first delivery next week and look forward to drinking for the first time raw milk–i grew up in the farm but my mum always boiled the milk before using it saying raw milk make you sick because of the germs–of course we didn’t know which germs and made it our life style to boil milk before use–However i have read a lot about raw milk and i want to give it a trial—if it works for me then i will introduce it to the whole family.
    My question? Are the cows here grass fed? please i need to know this before i order some more.

    • Hi Florence, yes our cows are grass fed, they graze in the summer and are fed grass silage in the winter

  4. Dear John and Team, We are so glad that you are back in business. We love ALL your produce, and John, so glad that you have got the cheese up and rolling. John, you are an amazing man and we’ve always loved everything that you produce, thank you for being able to move through your closure and come out creating something new. Many thanks and good wishes

  5. Love, love, Love John jerseys milk. I use it to make yoghurt, cheese and whey as well to feed my kefir grains. I highly recommend this milk.

  6. Love, love, Love John jerseys milk. I use it to make yoghurt, cheese and whey as well to feed my kefir grains. I highly recommend this milk.

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