FSA review sale of unpasteurised milk in England and Wales

The Food Standards Agency has announced it will be reviewing the situation with regards to the sale of unpasteurised milk in England and Wales.  Keep watching this site for updates and information on how you can help make sure we can continue to supply you with your favourite milk.



  1. I feel I have the right to to choose to buy fresh milk which contains the vitamins etc that I need for good health!

    Pasturised, heat treated milk is definately NOT suitable to my well being as it destroys all the beneficial nutrients and I would be most upset if fresh milk is no longer available!!!

  2. My wife is unable to drink pasteurized milk, it causes her terrible stomach pains. Raw milk on the other hand causes her no such problems. A ban on raw milk for her will mean she is unable to have any dairy products at all.

  3. To allow pasteurised milk sales to thrive and to curtail raw milk sales is the wrong way around. Pasteurised milk has no health benefits at all. in fact it causes the body problems, so that the body has to raid its own stores of calcium to alkalanize the body after drinking it, thus depleting the body of calcium and causing osteoporosis, which has reached epidemic proportions in countries where pasteurised milk is consumed. Raw milk has all the enzymes necessary to tell the body where to put the calcium, ie in the bones, not in tissue etc where it causes other health problems. Not to mention the lactaize present which helps digest the lactose. The authorities should be increasing this country’s consumption of raw milk. Louis Pasteur, said on his death bed ,that he had made a mistake , that pasteurised milk was going to cause big health problems in the future. He was right. The trouble is, it does not benefit the huge companies out there who rake in millions from the sale of pasteurised milk, to sponsor studies on the health benefits of raw milk. There are studies out there, but they are ignored and dismissed by the conglomerates. We know different. My children have not been to the doctor once since starting to consume raw milk and I do not want that to change. They are robust and healthy and do not catch anything that is going around. That, I think, speaks volumes for the benefits of raw milk.

  4. I have only just in later life discovered raw dairy products. Most of my life I have been miserably underweight with poor health, dry skin and dry hair. Now I’m eating unpasteurised/raw dairy products I’m finally putting on weight and noticing that my body is starting to function better. I will not go back to eating pasteurised products. My gratitude to all these farmers who are helping me. Yvette.

  5. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/keep-unpasteurised-milk-legal-to-buy-in-the-uk

    Please feel free to sign and share this as widely as possible.

    We are all fighting to keep raw milk available in this country.

  6. I absolutely love your raw milk and can digest it with no problems whatsoever, even though pasteurised milk leaves me with severe stomach distress if I drink more than a very small amount.

    Keep up the great work!

    Melissa Edwards x

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