Sign the petition to save unpasteurised milk sales

Visit Natural Food Finder and sign the petition to help save unpasteurised milk sales in the UK.



  1. Pasteurization of milk destroys the enzyme phosphastase, which is necessary for us to absorb the calcium from it. Most of the calcium, and vitamin C, content is obliterated when you pasteurize at temperatures of 165 degrees or more. By almost eradicating raw milk from the diet, the FSA has done a terrible disservice to the health of the nation, and especially to children’s teeth… Please FSA, think again. Look to the abundant literature on nutrition that supports the need for raw milk. Don’t destroy something good without even properly investigating the facts.

  2. I grew ups on a farm and had unpasteurised milk it’s so nice I love it I would like to get my hands on some I haven’t had it for ages keep it going

  3. My mother was from a community of normads in west Africa and cows were the heart and soul of their daily lives. She absolutely adored drinking raw cow milk and making cheese with it. As the years went by I saw her become lactose intolerant because of swapping to pasteurised milk. I am starting my journey back to my roots and taking my children there too. After reading so much about it and knowing that the cows are happy and can roam about freely, it gives me a lot of joy to support this cause and champion the benefits of raw milk to others.

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